Round trip to Stranda & Storfjord

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Ålesund - Sykkylven - Strandafjellet - Stranda - Sjøholt - Ålesund

This round trip starts in Ålesund and takes you via Sykkylven to Stranda and back to Ålesund via Liabygda, Stordal and Sjøholt. Along the route you can enjoy magnificent views of the beautiful landscape.

If you choose the early departure from Ålesund you can choose to make a stop at Strandafjellet and take the next bus to Stranda (12:50 from Strandafjellet) and proceed to Ålesund.

On this one-day round trip you have some time available for activities at Strandafjellet or in Stranda, for example a gondola ride or a short hike on your own. However, if you want to participate in activities like the guided hike or bike tour you must make an overnight stay. You will then have to purchase one way trips Ålesund – Stranda and Stranda – Ålesund.

Note that the gondola is only open certain periods of the year. For opening hours, see

In the winter, Stranda offers spectacular skiing. This is one of the very few places in the world where you can ski from the mountain top all the way down to the fjord.

From Stranda, the tour continues by ferry, crossing the Storfjord to Liabygda. From Liabygda you return to Åesund via Stordal and Sjøholt.


Departure from: Ålesund bus terminal


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  1. Ålesund
  2. Sykkylven
  3. Stranda
  4. Liabygda
  5. Sjøholt